When I bring Christmas and my husband brings Hannukah, this is how we decorate!

When my husband and I decided to have kids, a big discussion we had was about whether we would be celebrating Christmas or Hannukah when the holiday season came around. We are a pretty chill and laid back couple so this seemed like something that would be easy. Personally we decided that we would be a family of both and when the kids got older and could speak for themselves we would let them choose.

So when we got that out of the way and the holidays came around I was a bit confused as to how I decorate. All of my Pinterest boards were filled with Christmas, so I had to get creative. Two things that both holidays have in common are stars! Yes, I am aware of the different types of stars, but this is where I was going to start. I channeled my inner minimalist and my love for white and decided we would call our home a Winter Wonderland since the holidays both happen during winter.

The route that I went with my decor was trying to keep the majority white as my neutral color and to play along with the Winter Wonderland theme. I got all of the major trees, a Christmas tree, and our Hannukah bushes! These are two symbols that represent the holidays. I also incorporated plenty of stars into the decor to symbolize the Star of David. Staying neutral with the white, silver, and tan, we really don’t favor either holiday.

As far as gifts, we decided to keep it a minimum as opposed to the eight a day for the eight days of Hannukah. So we give a gift the first night of Hannukah, a couple for Christmas, and then one more for the last night of Hannukah.

These are just a few things that have done with the holiday to make it more neutral. Personally we will celebrate the 24th with my family per tradition, open gifts in the morning, and on the 25th we will go all out on a Hannukah feast! It works out pretty well since we get the day off, so that gives us plenty of time to rally for the next holiday! There are easy ways to make the holidays yours and all it takes is a little imagination.