Boss Mom goes Fit Mom 💪🏼

Fitness is something that everyone can benefit from and we all know that, but most people struggle with finding time for it. Well, Meredith won’t take that, this mom takes on her career while still finding time to work on her fitness and her daughters are her witness! (Don’t mind my Fergalicious pun.) Meredith finds ways to include her daughters and even her husband in her work out routine.

The beginning…

Meredith was always involved in sports like cheerleading, softball, even tried volleyball, but her fitness journey really started when she met her husband and started working out with him. When she got pregnant, the workouts didn’t stop there. Meredith was featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine back in 2016 for incorporating running into her pregnancy fitness routine. Once the girls, Presley and Brooklyn, were born the workouts carried on. She invested in a double stroller and started taking them on her runs and hikes. Once the girls got too big for the stroller, Meredith started including them on her and her husband’s hikes, workouts, and even 5Ks! The girls picked up on it quickly and before she knew it they were mini versions of her.

Fab, Fit, Foodie

Being a mom who loves fitness, food was always important to monitor. Meredith loves her food but of course, like most women, she has a routine that has actually worked for the whole family while still allowing them to splurge when they want. Balance is key for this mom, during the week she tries to make food that is delicious but incorporates healthy alternatives. The kid’s favorite during the week is turkey tacos, a great take on regular tacos but switching up the protein and adding more veggies makes it healthier but still amazing! On the weekends there’s no doubt that this family can be seen munching on pizza, but that’s just what Meredith wants to teach her girls. Fun food in moderation is healthy, but trust when she says if pizza was as healthy as we all want, it’d be served more often!

Find time, be happy.

Making time for her fitness is very important. No time is not an excuse for Meredith, she is a big believer in “working on you, for you”. Even it’s for 30 minutes a day, it’s important to set the time aside to make it happen. Meredith has her favorite fitness influencers from Instagram that help her find easy ways to stay fit with her busy schedule. @lovebylynnfitness and @bodybybreefitness post quick and easy to get done videos that are easy to incorporate into her days. Meredith also finds clothing that she can wear during the day and also to the gym to help her save time. Fabletics is her favorite workout brand to sport, she loves the cute designs and how comfortable she is during her workouts and throughout the day.

Meredith is an inspiration to her girls and even makes me want to get back into my gym grind. Working on you, for you, is easier when you have loved ones to share it with and the love shows, hats off to this Fit Mom!

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