Chrissy Powers is a Boss Mom for sure! She’s a licensed therapist, photographer, hosts her own blog, and has her own podcast. Sure, Babe is pretty much a guide/rule book to marriage, motherhood, lifestyle, and careers.

Chrissy strives to preach self-acceptance and realness, which is why her podcast is so relatable. Chrissy talks about the real sh** that moms need to hear and be reminded of, like to take some time for ourselves and chill. How are we supposed to juggle all of the jobs of a mother until now? Chrissy is the Boss Mom that we didn’t know we were missing. As women, not to mention mothers, reassurance, and support is just something that we need! Point blank. Sometimes we just need help, and Chrissy gives us that. Listening to her podcast gives me that recharge that I need, sometimes it takes a couple of glasses of wine to add, but it works!

Sure, Babe is not just for mothers, it’s for every woman and Chrissy even invites men to join in. This is a great way for men to learn how to understand the waves of being a woman, not that we can’t be smooth sailing too. So give Sure, Babe a listen and let Chrissy become your new life guru. Also, show her some love on Instagram (@chrissyjpowers) and tell her @socalMOMents sent you!

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