It’s January, and that means we have colder, drier air, fewer hours of light; and these factors combined with the social isolation from the pandemic, have created an environment that makes it more difficult to stay positive and motivated to maintain our self-care. At this moment in time when we have fewer social obligations and opportunities; it’s much easier to throw on sweats and indulge in comfort foods as visions of your former self seem far away. I would caution you to not allow yourself to fall into this trap  Before you know it, the longer, warmer days of spring and summer are going to be here, herd immunity will be here, and social gatherings will be the norm once again. You don’t want to find yourself in a position feeling self-conscious because you’ve put on the COVID cushion. 

As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter. You’ve got this! 

Here are some simple steps to help you get and stay on track. 

Walk it out

You don’t need a gym membership to stay fit and active. Walking 10,000 steps a day is all you need. Walk around your neighborhood, walk your dog, walk with your kids and connect, walk with a friend and catch up rather than meeting for a meal. Your smart phone automatically tracks it for you so you can ensure you fit it in.  Don’t fall into the trap of settling in on your sofa watching a random show that isn’t going to provide you with a positive net gain in any column.

Finding useful things to do

What you watch and listen to can also be nurturing or conversely, void of artistic merit; your time is valuable, don’t squander it on things that won’t serve you or bring you closer to your goals. Instead use downtime for activities such as gardening, housework, cleaning and organizing your garage, closets, attic, pantry… all the little things we neglect or procrastinate about. Do them now to take advantage of this downtime and enhance your life. Not clinging to things that are no longer useful will also free your energy. If you haven’t worn something or used something in the last 12 months, chances are you don’t need it in your life or house. Gift it to bless someone else or sell it and invest the cash toward a positive in your life. 

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition 

I cannot overstress the importance of our dietary choices. Quite simply, I advise my patients to eliminate all: sugar, flour, and alcohol.  If you can do this for two weeks, you will see and feel a major improvement in your physical health and if you can do it for two months it will likely change your life forever. Fresh and healthy food every day is critical to your overall vibrancy, well-being, and quality of life. 


I believe Vitamin D is critical to maintaining a healthy immune function as well as integral to so many aspects of our metabolism. It’s actually considered a pro-hormone or precursor to them. With fewer hours of light in the winter and daily sunscreen wearing more common, it is important to check your Vitamin D level and supplement it commensurate with your level of deficiency. 

Sleep, Stretch, Breathe 

These three components may also seem obvious, but cannot be overlooked in their level of importance. Balance in life is critical and sometimes elusive. Carving out time for these each day and making them a routine is essential. I have found that keeping a schedule for them provides the highest likelihood that you will incorporate them into your life. Try to sleep eight hours to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm, many of our organ systems rely upon this to function optimally. Upon awakening spend 15 minutes in gratitude, prayer, meditation, setting intentions, and breath work. There are many apps you can use which are free to assist until you learn this practice this on your own. Lastly, stretching or yoga every day even 5 minutes will facilitate strength, balance, and flexibility; we all can appreciate that during this time. 

Stay positive, focused, and healthy; warm sunny days will be here soon and you will be ready for them. 

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Author Bio: Heidi Lindner has been an aesthetics expert for over 17 years specializing in all aspects of non-surgical aesthetics and plastic surgery. She is sought out for her techniques that focus on a natural-looking approach to facial balancing, restoration, and beauty optimization. Follow her on Instagram @j_derme