Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to get creative to show your loved ones how special they are/ From friends, family, so small crushes – you’ll want to make them something great to keep forever. If your child wants to make something for someone, here are some ideas! Check out these cute Valentine’s Day crafts to make for loved ones. 

Make Valentine’s gram with a paper heart craft

Let’s start with a cute beginner’s craft to show your love! Creating a little heart man with bendy arms and legs is the foundation for a cute Valentine’s Day card. Make a cute character to keep and write on the back how much you and your kids love someone else in the family. Hang it on the fridge and feel the letter from the heart. 

Draw your loving family having fun 

Your kids love every memory with their families. It’s time to show it! Start by laying out all the paper and crayons you can find and have everyone draw their favorite memory. Use the colors to illustrate that time you went to Disneyland or had a picnic in the backyard. It’s a great experience to see the experiences that come to your child’s mind when it’s time to turn it into a work of art. 

Write a letter full of love 

Writing love letters isn’t just for the movies! Help your kids write loving letters to friends, family, and even teachers. Everyone deserves to hear how much they are appreciated, and it’s fun to add cute drawings and colors. Get everyone’s address so that everyone can get their Valentine’s letter in the mail this lovely season. 

Make a Valentine sign and send a photo to everyone in your family

Your kids might have made their Valentine’s letters, but making a sign will be perfect for pictures. Get a large construction paper from the store and draw a massive heart in the middle! Surround it with drawings and notes about their love for everyone you all know. Take a picture of your kids with the sign and send it to friends, family, and everyone they know. 

Make a bouquet for mom and sisters

Flowers are a huge part of Valentine’s Day and for a good reason. They’re beautiful, they smell great, and everyone appreciates them. If grandma, mom, or sisters might like a bouquet, it’s time to get creative! Stop by a florist and handpick all of the flowers to share with your loved ones. Perhaps stop by a local crafts store and have your child choose any artificial flowers and create a bouquet that will last forever.