One thing that I think we all can agree on is that the games that our kids are playing now are hardly what we used to do to stay entertained as kids. With iPads and new TV shows, it’s almost impossible to get the kids to play with any kind of toys. But while I was at Target the other night, my inner child freaked out when I saw all of the throwback board games that I used to play as a kid. With all of these games now available for me to share with my kids, I could hide the iPad before the kids even knew! Not to mention these games are a lot more enjoyable than the new ones that have way too many pieces and rules. Here’s a list of throwback games available for you to purchase and play with your children!

Candyland 🍭


Operation 🩺

Battleship 🚢

Twister 🔴 🔵 🟡 🟢

Chutes and Ladders