We are mid-summer and I continue to look for things to do for not only myself but also with my children.  There are a few things I make almost every week including chocolate chip cookies!  I eat a chocolate chip cookie almost every day – it is my decadent guilty pleasure.  Plus there are so many fun ways to make chocolate chip cookies but the traditional recipe on the back of Nestle Toll House Morsels will always be the best!

In our home, we use dark chocolate chips, but these days you can find milk chocolate, butterscotch, espresso flavor, and white chocolate to make your cookies more personal to your liking! There are also several types of nuts you can add such as walnuts or almonds for those of you that enjoy the flavor of nuts!

These days I’m also looking for ways to stretch my budget and a 10 oz package of chocolate chips is around $2.99.  Add to that the other ingredients needed and for about $6 I’m making three dozen cookies – plus the whole house smells amazing from the aroma!

Simply follow the recipe on the back of the package!

Chocolate chip cookies are popular with almost everyone so when you bake a batch don’t be surprised if they disappear within a few days!

By Rosemaria Altieri

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