When it comes to the Thanksgiving season, there might not be haunted houses  or Christmas trees, but there are still many ways to get creative! The kids are restless, so what are they to do? Find ways for them to let out a little imagination and make something festive for the Thanksgiving season! The big night for dinner this year is Thursday, November 26th. This gives you so much time to plan every night you want to do a different activity and craft. The kids will be thankful for these special moments making autumn and Thanksgiving crafts. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Kelly Sikkema

Pumpkins are still in season!

When you think of pumpkins, you might think about Halloween. But they mean just as much throughout the rest of autumn! Go to a local pumpkin patch; chances are they’re a little cheaper now. Pick out some giant-sized pumpkins and bring them home. In recent years pumpkin carving went from being spooky to creative and carving whatever you want! Carve your favorite cartoon character, a silly face, or the latest meme. Look online for simple how-to directions. Get ready to get messy with everything you can do with carving pumpkins.

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Kristin Brown

We’re thankful for the classic turkey

What is the first Thanksgiving art and craft that comes to mind? The classic hand-traced turkey, of course. Put your kid’s hand down onto the paper, trace the little thing around with a pencil. When you finish tracing, have them add the turkey essentials. Draw the feet, the face, the beak, and of course – the feathers! Bring out some markers or real store-bought turkey feathers if you can. Blend the brown, black, and yellow colors to make a beautiful work of art to put onto the refrigerator. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Tim Arterbury

Get messy with some paints

Painting is one of the most artistic things a kid can do – and the messiest! Put down the newspaper, plastic, or whatever else you might have. Then give your child a canvas and some paint to use. Every painting can be used to create one amazing picture.. Maybe they can create a pilgrim ready to eat their turkey or the turkey itself. The possibilities are endless, as long as they’re having fun. Just make sure you keep an eye on them. You don’t want to end up with a hand-printed turkey on the walls. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Element 5 Digital

Food is art too

Whoever says food isn’t art probably isn’t the best cook. Whether you want to make something for Thanksgiving dinner or dessert, it takes time, safety, and knowledge. Cooking with your kids gives them new hobbies, experiences, and fun. Teach them how to make your famous family recipes that they’ll never forget. Start easy with things like sweet potatoes or pumpkin pies. They’ll love learning to cook with all the yummy smells in the air. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Priscilla Du Preez

Decorate the house for the big dinner

Halloween and Christmas get decorations, and so should Thanksgiving. Bring out all the decorative knick-knacks from the garage, or buy some new ones. Turn the house into a black, brown, and yellow environment with turkeys and pilgrims all over. They’ll love seeing the cartoon turkeys on the towels, plates, and tables. Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner means having everything decorated for the fun night. You’ll love having a decorated house for the family together for these special holidays.