Researchers have said that the best time to learn how to play an instrument is during childhood. Have you thought about helping your kids play an instrument like the piano, the guitar, or the drums? It might sound like a loud racket at first, but practice makes progress! And the more lessons they get, the better they will be in the future. So if you’re thinking about which instrument is right for you and your child, have their first digital lesson now. Get them a beginner instrument, and check out these videos that are a great introduction to learning how to play something fun.


Anyone who has wanted to play an instrument has thought about the guitar. It’s what rockstars play in concerts, and it’s what singers play in coffee shops. Learning how to play the guitar opens their musical side to options like the bass, the ukulele, and classical guitar when they want to play more acoustic songs. First things first. Learn the strings, and find a simple piece to play for everyone.


Speaking of other instruments similar to the guitar – the ukulele is an excellent option for musical beginners. With fewer strings than a guitar, it’s the perfect way to introduce your kids to music. The beautiful sounds made by the ukulele will have them practicing and playing whenever they have time.


The drums are a vital instrument for any band. They keep the pace and the beat for the entire song. Now, if your kid is just beginning to learn how to play the drums, it’ll be loud – but it will be so much fun. This is one instrument you might want to get earplugs to play.


The piano is a versatile instrument that allows your kid to play every kind of music they want. If you like to play classical music, the piano is a beautiful choice. If your child wants to play more hip-hop music, take your experience to an electric keyboard. You can find music to play from every song, and with the organization of the piano keys, it’ll be easier than you think.


The violin is one of those beautiful instruments that are heard in music halls and art galleries. They’re an essential part of an orchestra, and they have a distinct and divine sound in every song they play. If your kid has any interest in playing an instrument that is a little different than what their friends might be learning – a violin is a great choice. Learn the basics online to see if your kid is up for the challenge before finding a professional instructor.