Traveling is one of the most missed opportunities from 2020 due to this year’s safety and health concerns. Social media is filled with people saying their travel plans as soon as they can get on a plane and explore the world. Thankfully, we live in a technologically beneficial world where we have websites that can virtually take us directly to the entrance of National Parks. These websites give us a 360-degree view of every mountain, valley, and trail in the park. So maybe we shouldn’t visit them right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a virtual tour and discover the wonders of these national treasures. 

Take a virtual tour of these National Parks that you don’t want to miss. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Daniel Shwartz

Joshua Tree Tour

Joshua Tree is a couple of hours out of the Los Angeles area, just beyond Palm Springs. Now you can welcome Joshua Tree right into your home with this virtual tour. Check out all the animals that live in this desert oasis, like lizards, tortoises, and even owls. Read about the park’s history and learn more about the daily operations. If you want to get a little more interactive with the park, check out their scavenger hunt that gives you a more fun way to explore the trails. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Matt Artz

Yosemite Tour

Yosemite National Park is a beautiful place to hike, kayak, and boat on the lakes. You may not be able to visit right now, but there’s still so much you can do on their virtual tour. Say goodbye to normal pictures and say hello to a 360-degree tour you can navigate like you’re on a real hike in the park. When you hike at Yosemite in person, you might not even be able to visit all the views you have available on the virtual tour. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Jeremy Bishop

Death Valley Tour

Death Valley is a National Park best explored by expert hikers. It’s hot, it’s sandy, and at times can be a little dangerous. But now, you can take a walk through the dunes in the comfort of your home and air conditioning! Walk through the sand trails and visit every corner of the desert plains. Learn more about the history of the park and see why it’s such a fantastic tourist destination. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Benti Kaur 

Zion Tour 

Zion National Park is a seven-hour drive from the Southern California cities. The mountain views are always worth the drive, but for now, the virtual tour will give you a great preview of what you can visit someday soon. Take a virtual scenic drive of the mountains, canyons, and trails like never before. See what parts of the National Park you love so that you can plan out your next in-person trip to this magnificent mountain. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Josh Carter 

Sequoia Tour 

Take a stroll along the paths within the Sequoia National Parks – virtually. Watch the videos for each course where you can cross all the beautiful giant sequoia trees. The videos may not do the National park it deserves, but they show you an excellent preview for your next vacation up north. Learn more about the park’s history and all the aspects that make Sequoia such a beautiful place to visit.