Every quarter I do a fast as part of an internal cleanup effort.  Fasting allows your body to have a day of gut rest and stimulates your cells’ autophagy process, in which senescent cells are killed off and replaced with more efficient and healthy cells.  It also allows for replenishment and repair of the villi in our digestive tract, so blunted villi can regenerate and therefore function more efficiently.

Your energy and feeling of vitality are greatly influenced by your diet and cellular metabolism. In order to operate efficiently, our cells, much like an engine require high-quality fuel to burn and efficient neutralization of the oxidative stress it generates.  In simplistic terms, if you are consuming a diet predominantly of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, or smoking; your cells cannot overcome all of the oxidative stress these create as toxic byproducts and elevated pH levels.  This causes intracellular damage to the components, such as shortening of the telomeres, diminution of the organelles, reduction in ATP production, and sluggish or dysfunctional operation.  What this translates into is one feeling fatigued, experiencing brain fog, inability to lose weight, and an aged appearance.

Exercise is also imperative in your lifestyle and routine.  It balances glucose levels, burns calories, increases cellular metabolism, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and mood, stimulates autophagy, improves immune function, and keeps your body functioning in a youthful and fluid manner.  I cannot overstress the importance of daily exercise for both vitality and appearance.

Some simple things you can do for your own version of your spring body clean up are:

  • Go for a walk after dinner in your neighborhood with your kids and dogs.
  • Enjoy a day of a juice fast with organic non-GMO vegetables.
  • Begin and end each day with meditation and prayer.
  • Use fast mimic dieting
  • Eliminate processed foods

Spring is such a beautiful time of renewal, tap into the beauty of nature and the season. Just begin with those simple steps. Positive begets positive.  Once you implement one life-enhancing choice, it will likely lead to another, especially when you feel the difference in how much better you feel.

Wishing you vibrant health!

Author Bio: Heidi Lindner has been an aesthetics expert for over 17 years specializing in all aspects of non-surgical aesthetics and plastic surgery. She is sought out for her techniques that focus on a natural-looking approach to facial balancing, restoration, and beauty optimization. Follow her on Instagram @j_derme