While many of us find ourselves working from home there are many skincare steps we can practice now while we are working behind a laptop simply because we have some time on our hands due to the absence of our commute! Let’s take advantage of the time and also take advantage of some of those potions, lotions, and serums that we have in our makeup drawer or a makeup bag – you know the ones – we get them from “free gift with purchase” and samples that we many of my clients just don’t know what to do with.

Normally – we moms are so busy we hardly have time to wash our face never mind adding a serum or skin treatment. Well, now we have no excuse…. we are at home and no one is visiting so we can put our hair up and do a simple but beneficial treatment every day/once a week and your skin will love you for it!

Let’s start with a vitamin c serum tomorrow morning! When you wake up wash your face, then use your toner, and then put your vitamin C serum – let the serum sit on your skin for about 5 minutes so that your skin drinks it in – then put your moisturizer on. Your skin will feel soft and supple!

Try this once a week with my favorite Vitamin C serum from 100% Pure – available online for $42.00.


The next day – wash your skin – use your toner and then use a mask!  Avoid your eyes and lips and leave your mask on for approximately 20 minutes.  If your skin is oily use a clay mask and if your skin is dry use a moisturizing mask.  Remove with a face cloth soaked in warm water and voila! Your skin will be soft to the touch and will have a more even tone. 

For a clay mask, I recommend Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask +Scrub  

City Block Purifying™ Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub

For a moisturizing mask, I recommend La Roche-Posay Hydra Phase Intense Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask found at Amazon and delivered to your door for $20 

Image result for La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense Hyaluronic Acid Face Mask

And the next day you can do a scrub which is one of my favorite skincare steps – my skin always feels great after a mask because you are essentially getting rid of dead skin sitting on top of the surface – once removed your skin feels and looks better and your serums and other products will have more efficacy as well!

A favorite brand of face scrub is found in many drugstores and supermarkets called St. Ives Fresh Skin Scrub at Target for $4.49

These three steps can be easily done at home – and if you look through your makeup drawers and makeup bags chances are you have some of these products or similar at home already  – if not, no worries – these products can be easily delivered! 

By Rosemaria Altieri 

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