Halloween is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to get serious about planning costumes for you and your kids! Over the past few years, more and more people have been making their costumes. It’s a great way to reuse some items you might already have on hand and come up with something super creative and cute! Below are some of our favorite DIY costume ideas for your kids! They include things you can easily find in their closets, or online!

1. Lumberjack

Turn your child’s flannel into a Halloween costume! This adorable little lumberjack outfit is so easy to make and involves a lot of items you might already have like jeans, a flannel, and duct tape! Draw on a little beard for some extra laughs and creativity brownie points!

Here’s what you will need:

2. Prince

Your child can summon his or her inner rockstar with this iconic Prince ensemble! The outfit is so fun to put together, and isn’t complete without an instrument! If you don’t want to get both the guitar and the piano, feel free to choose one or the other. If you have trouble finding a purple suit jacket in your child’s size, an easy fix would be to find a white jacket and dye it purple!

3. Mr. Frederickson from “Up”

“Up” is a family favorite, and this rendition of Mr. Frederickson is priceless. The best part about this costume is the balloons! It’s the perfect way to combine the movie’s floating house with its main character. Another idea would be to use a cane with tennis balls on the bottom stead of building the walker!

4. Spam Musubi

Calling all sushi fans! This costume is the epitome of simple but still can dazzle the crowd with its cleverness. It’s a great option for a family-themed costume as well. The whole gang can dress up as different varieties of their favorite sushi dishes; all you need is different colored fabrics! You can use orange for salmon or dark red for tuna. Someone could even show up as the sushi chef!

5. Elliot and Gertie from “E.T.”

If you have more than one child in your family, this costume idea could be perfect! Most of the clothing items are things your kids might already have in their closets. If you have trouble finding an E.T. doll for the basket, a great way to get around this is to print out E.T.’s face on paper and paste it to a teddy bear. Then, cover up the edges of the paper with the white fabric, and your little alien will come to life!

6. Rey

Who wouldn’t want to be a fierce and brave Star Wars character like Rey?! There are so many different renditions on how to recreate Rey’s outfit, so don’t hesitate to be creative with this costume. You can always use a brown belt to sinch the fabrics together rather than a fanny pack, and it would still give the same effect. Most importantly, don’t forget to do Rey’s signature bun updo!

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