It’s getting hotter and the days are getting longer! As my husband and I sat down with our glasses of wine my daughter looked at us and asked where her drink was, and then it hit me, why not make little cocktail drinks for the kids. Obviously we can’t call them mocktails so I came up with something a little more kid-friendly… Fish Tank Punch!

I figured I’d use some of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s “Scandinavian Swimmers” aka Trader Joe’s fruit snack gummies. Next on the list, the kids favorite and quite frankly one of the only sodas we let them have Sprite. You’ll also need three food coloring colors and an ice cube tray.

Step one: Get your food coloring and add them to 3 cups of water, about 2 to 3 drops should be fine. Fill an ice cube tray with the colored water and wait till frozen.

Step two: Once you have your colorful ice, place 3-4 cubes in a medium-sized cup.

Step three: Add a few of your Scandinavian Swimmers to your cup.

Step four: Pour in your Sprite or other clear fizzy drink and let your cup turn into a mini fish tank!

The kids love these drinks, they are perfect for a hot day at the pool or for an after-dinner treat!