Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm- Zinnia

Now I’m aware that lip balm is a necessity and during the winter, but when you are dealing with chapped lips lipstick is not your best friend. Which brings me to this baby, a tinted lip balm that gives you a nice gloss of color while still protecting your lips from the dry air. Burt’s Bees is 100% natural and is made with bee’s wax and shea butter.

Pacifica Eye Bright Undereye Vitamin C Patches

We all have those winter nights when we are fighting a cold or cough. When you wake up and realize that you still have to go to work on 4 hours of sleep these eye masks are a game changer! Infused with vitamin C, sea kelp, and biocellulose extract, these will have you looking like you slept like a baby.

Bliss Drench & Quench Moisturizer

This facial moisturizer makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed! During the winter months, I went through two of these because I apply it over and over throughout the day. You massage it into your skin for 30 seconds, then you feel instantly hydrated. This product is good for att times of the year but winter is I really saw the change in my skin.

MegaFood Turmeric Strength Whole Body Vegan Tablets

Turmeric is something that I have recently taken a liking to. I used to add it to my food and even lates but never thought of actually taking it as a vitamin or in pill form. Ever since I have been taking turmeric I have seen a decrease in inflammation in my joints! Not only does this product have turmeric, but it also has berries and cherries for additional phytonutrients and black pepper extract that supports curcumins absorption. The best part is that you can take this whenever you want or have time to, even on an empty stomach!

Sonia Kashuk™ Rose Quartz Roller

Facial rolling was something that I didn’t know too much about until I found myself looking for a nightly face routine. Facial rolling improves circulation in your face achieving a face that’s not puffy. When used with the proper serums, this is also a great way to get clear skin and help products be absorbed better.

Puffs Plus Lotion With The Scent Of Vick’s Facial Tissues

Okay back to the colds… These tissues are the biggest game-changer this winter! If there’s one thing I hate most about being sick is having to blow my nose on rough tissues that make my nose raw and pink. These Puffs with added lotion and Vicks save my nose from becoming dry and irritated and it gives off a nice scent that clears the nose. If there’s one thing you NEED next winter or whenever you’re sick it’s these!

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