The Halloween season of 2020 came quickly, and everyone wondered how we could celebrate while social distancing. The Nights of Jack have answered our questions. This year has brought many surprises, but a drive-thru celebration featuring Jack-O-Lanterns is one of the best we could have hoped to imagine!

In what feels like a drive-through, Halloweentown is a guided tour through a history-filled ranch with Jack-O-Lanterns as far as your eyes can see! This beautiful experience brings you straight into spooky season with decorations, lights, and music that will be a magical experience for all ages. This immersive drive-thru takes you into Calabasas into thousands of hand-carved illuminated pumpkins like you’ve never seen before.

Some people love scary haunted mazes, and some love the cute side of Halloween with decorations and spookiness. The Nights of Jack is perfect for anyone who might frighten a little easier than others. So if you have kids or someone who can live without ever going into a haunted maze with monsters, this event is for you! No one should feel too afraid to go out with the family for Halloween, so go through a drive-thru of beautifully lit up pumpkins!


Nights of the Jack will be open to the public from October 1 through November 1 with different times for every day. You can purchase your tickets per car, so bring the family into this attraction that keeps you in you safely inside your vehicle the entire time.

If you want to take a drive through this spooky season, welcome, check out their website!