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MommyCon 2019 is expected to be one of the best conventions for expecting mothers, new mothers, and mothers of toddlers. Coming to the Southern California area, they make their way to Anaheim and then San Diego delivering panels with the best speakers.

Join the event for speakers who have started their businesses in toys, parenting products, or who have experience in child and parenting psychology. Be prepared to take notes, because this list of speakers are sure to bring educational and fun discussions you don’t want to miss.

MommyCon Anaheim
October 5

DaddyCon Anaheim
October 5

MommyCon San Diego
November 23

Live, Laugh, Learn

The best thing about MommyCon besides the fun, the sponsors, and the panels – is the community! Spend time around parents just like you with the passion and determination to learn and be the best parent possible. The convention includes some jokes along the way! Because we get it, no one’s perfect, and for some parents – they’re new to this. So whatever your experience, we hope to see you at the next MommyCon convention!