Earlier this month my dear friend Brian and I attended the Epilepsy Foundation of Orange County Care and Cure Benefit. There were so many people at this black-tie event and everywhere I looked everyone was wearing their best! Through the crowd I saw my friend Helen who was wearing a beautiful long black dress with a wine-colored fur jacket – she looked amazing! As Helen got closer I noticed how beautiful her makeup looked and how her whole ensemble worked perfectly together – she was glowing! So after we said our hellos I asked what she had done differently from the last time I saw her because she looked fantastic! Helen said she had microblading done on her brows and her eyeliner – she completely had me fooled it looked so natural I would never be able to tell the difference – and I work with skin!

I had never tried microblading so I started to do some more research. Microblading is a tattooing technique where several tiny needles are used to add semi-permanent pigment or color to the skin. Most people use microblading for eyebrows, others use it for eyeliner – or both, either way, you can achieve a fantastic look and not have to put makeup on day after day – instead you’ll just have to touch up every so often because hairs still continue to grow in here and there. Microblading only penetrates the superficial layers of the skin so it looks more natural than a tattoo.

But if microblading can help my brows look perfect and relieve me from the daily application of my liquid liner – I’m in!

Check out the following SoCal locations where you can get your microblading done for a reasonable price and by a licensed professional:

Some clients can be sensitive so ask for a patch test to be sure your experience is a great one! And expect the treatment to last for a whole year – you’re welcome!!

Ink’d Beauty Studio

Address: Phenix Salon Suites 948 N Mountain Ave., Ontario CA 91762

Email: selina@inkdbeauty.studio

Phone: (909) 566-0500