Your lashes are never going to look like the lashes in a mascara ad!

Yes, it’s true, your lashes are never going to look like the lashes in the ad because chances are the lashes in the ad are fake.

No matter what brand of mascara advertisement you are looking at, they all have the same perfect, un-clumped lashes, but it’s the fake eyelashes or fake lash inserts that make them look that way. This trick has been around since the 1980’s, as far as I know. Adding false eyelashes to make the girl in the ad have perfect, bountiful, un-clumped lashes is how makeup companies get us to buy their mascara products.    

The history of mascara takes us back to Egypt in B.C. where the Egyptians used kohl mixed with water and honey to create mascara and used ivory and bone as the applicator. So much of our makeup history comes from Egypt – in future articles, we will visit more of what the Egyptians taught us related to cosmetics. It would have been amazing to see them create different looks!

Beautiful lashes are achievable though. The most important thing is that you need to pay attention to what your lashes need:  

  1.  Are they sparse? Then use a volumizing mascara such as Maybelline Great Lash, which has a cult following, to get the desired effect around $7.99, or Bad Gal mascara by Benefit which helps create volume with its high tech formula for around $28.00.
  2. Are your lashes there but just too short to see? Then use a lengthening mascara to add opaque color and add the product to the tip of your lashes to make them appear longer. Try Benefit They’re Real Lengthening mascara – you won’t recognize your lashes after using this product – it’s that good for around $27.00!
  3. Are they blonde (like mine) which makes them unnoticeable? It’s simple– use black – or color like the cobalt blue and burgundy mentioned in my last article. We talked about L’Oreal Voluminous, which will become another go-to mascara priced right at around $10.99.
  4. Are you attending a special event? Then go drama! Use Hypnose Drama mascara for a red carpet look. This mascara brings all of the above together in one product; volume, lengthening and all in a bold black color to make lashes stand out! This product is at major department stores like Macy’s for $27.50.

Lashes have a way of framing your face along with manicured brows. Take a picture of yourself without mascara, then take a picture of yourself with mascara….see the difference? Mascara awakens the eyes, along with lip gloss. I don’t leave home without it!

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