Keeping the kids entertained for the last year might have been more challenging than usual, so we wanted to find new activities for everyone at home. We are introducing five science experiments to do safely in the house with kids! Learn the universe’s science, our planet, and other fun activities to see how the world works. To make it even more simple, we included links to YouTube videos to help you bring the science to life.

Here are five fun science experiments to do with the kids.

How to Make Paper Mâché Planets

The universe is full of stars, planets, and more. So it’s time for your kids to create it for themselves with simple paper mâché tricks. Use a balloon to make a sphere, dip newspaper into some glue, and cover that balloon with all that glued-up paper. When it dries, pop the balloon and start painting Earth, Jupiter, Satun, and all other Milky Way planets.

Easy DIY Science Experiment for Kids with how to make a homemade Volcano

Everyone made a DIY volcano in elementary school, and it was so much fun. With a parent’s supervision, get the baking soda and vinegar ready! You might be starting with a bottle, but by the time you finish with the instructions in the video, you’ll have a fully active volcano ready to erupt.

Learn how with the video by Ryan’s World

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Markus Spiske

Grow Your Own Plants!

This beautiful sunny weather in California is perfect for growing plants. Use a transparent cup so when your plant seed begins to grow, you can see all of the roots in the dirt. This gardening experiment is a fun way to show the growth of life and the responsibility of watering your plant every day.

Learn how with the video by SciShow Kids

Mixing Colors

The prime colors are red, yellow, and blue. But what happens when you mix any or all of the colors? Show your kids how to change the color of water with simple food colorings. Use multiple transparent cups to make all of the colors in the rainbow.

Learn how with the video by Mayta The Brown Bear – Toddler Learning Videos 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Phil Hearing

Create a tornado in the bottle science experiments for Kids!

Tornadoes are strong currents of air rotating around in circles. But to keep things safe, let’s experience a tornado in a bottle! Turn two connected bottles of water into a wild tornado with a few easy items. Include food coloring for an even better visual look into this exciting science experiment.

Learn how with the video by Ryan’s World