The best thing about having a cat is their independence – for better or for worse. You might be a dog person, but whatever side of the tail you’re on, you know cats are some funny characters.

Cats are interesting because they either want too much love or nothing to do with you at all. If you ever told your friend they have a mean dog, your friend might get defensive or say it’s YOUR fault. Ever try to accuse of someone of having a mean cat? Their answer will either be agreeing with you or say, “my cat just doesn’t like you.” It’s that simple. So if you do have a cat – we get it. So, what is there to celebrate?

Being a Cat Mom Isn’t Easy!

Remember that time this week when your kids didn’t want to listen to you? They yelled, “No!” Then cue the tears and tantrum. Being a cat mom is the same thing, just with more claws. You can call your cat’s name 100 times, and they’ll stare out the front window like a gargoyle protecting the Notre Dame Church. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a sassy side-eye!

If you’re like me, you don’t mind your fur child sleeping in the bed with you. It’s like having an extra pillow around the bed. However, every night is different with your favorite fuzzy pillow. Some nights you may wake up to a sandpaper tongue licking your fingers until you wake. Other nights that pillow may try to suffocate you in your sleep by sprawling like a starfish over your chest or face!

Why We Love Our Little Balls of Fur

Sometimes cats only give their attention when it works for their schedule. They might have a mouse to chase or an important bath they have to give themselves. Other times they can be the best thing in life. The love from a cat is special because it has to be earned by those proud little lions. So in the same way we love our cats, we have to love them back. Not just the cat we own, but all of them. So without any more rambling, it’s time for the real pawty.

Southern California Cat Rescues

You might have a cat, maybe 3, or maybe more! Purr-haps you have room for another one, or know someone who might want to start their feline family. Check out this shortlist of cat (and dog) shelters that can use some help and love, or if you can’t adopt, maybe you can help another way. Think about it, talk about, and please share. Every pet deserves a healthy and loving home, and we hope each one finds it.

1. Kitten Rescue, Los Angeles

2. C.A.R.E.

3. Pet Finder

4. Milo’s Sanctuary

5. OC Animal Care

6. Irvine Animal Care Center

7. Animal Assistance League of Orange County