So many families had the choice between hybrid learning and distance learning for this current school year and many opted for distance learning –  including myself.  But the challenges with distance learning are large, and for many young children under the age of 10 it is proving to be a commitment on behalf of the parents.  

In order to be successful at distance learning there are a few key elements to consider:

1)  Try to provide a learning space for the child.  My apartment does not have a lot of space but I did purchase a simple desk that automatically creates a similar learning environment as being in school.  Ikea’s Micke Desk is the perfect size available for a reasonable $49.00!

2)  Provide some fun tools such as a colorful ruler and special pencil to get the kids excited – maybe a new Batman notebook.  Target has an amazing assortment of school supplies year-round!

3)  I recommend for children under 10 having someone assisting and keeping the kids focused if you have the means.  This is not always possible for parents but maybe enlist one of the neighboring teenagers to come and help, and pay them a small fee.  Many of us unfortunately know someone who is out of work these days and it would be a great opportunity for them to earn some money while helping your kids stay focused on the lesson at hand!

4)  Get a paper desk calendar to mark due dates for projects and homework.  It can be difficult to remember everything – writing it down the old fashioned way will give you a break from technology, and you will be able to see everything due in the week or month.

5)  Make sure your kids are getting breaks and some physical activity.  One of my favorite classes in elementary school was the gym!  I can’t imagine how much they miss it – but consider buying a jump rope or a pogo stick – simple tools that are reasonable and don’t take up a lot of space – parents can join in on the fun too! Kohl’s has a sweet Flybar Pogo stick for little ones at an incredible $17.99 and it comes in blue, pink, and red.

6)  Most important of all – make sure you remember that this is an adjustment for them as well!  Kids don’t typically do well with change but instead thrive on structure.  Find your patience and show compassion as we all navigate through this new world.  Talk to your kids about how they feel and ask where their challenges are in distance learning.  Hopefully, they have none – but if they do they will tell you – one of the best traits kids have is their honesty!

By Rosemaria Altieri

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