In 1995 an iconic nail polish company called Hard Candy founded by Dineh Mohajer was born!

The company came from an idea of mixing common nail polish colors like red with white nail polish to create pastels. The brand was truly an overnight sensation because it was rare to see these colors in nail polish, up to that point. Sure everyone had the nudes, pinks and occasional dark wine color in their nail polish wardrobe – but these were different! Hard and fast colors! I remember walking through Bloomingdale’s at the Chestnut Hill Mall in Newton, Massachusetts – there they were – a stand of nail polish bottles that looked so cute. At the time, they were packaged for what I thought were tweens. But I was hooked and had to have the Mint color!

My parents just didn’t understand. Mint nail polish looked rebellious and then my aunts and uncles had to chime in as well – because in an Italian family everyone is a parent, but I didn’t care!

This polish was new and so exciting. So I went back to the store to buy a few more colors which continued to ruffle the feathers of my family, but then again – I did that my entire life. I always pushed the envelope. This nail polish company, with its unique colors, was just helping me push even more!

Imagine how excited I was to learn that Hard Candy is back in Walmart!

In both the traditional pastels and hot new colors! Dineh really was a pioneer for all of the nail polish colors that are available today. To this day my go-to colors are attributed to me asking my boys what their favorite colors are; my oldest said green – which is now my pedicure color, my youngest said blue – my manicure color. On occasion, I may try a new color – but it’s been a long time – years even – since I’ve worn red or pink. There are just too many great options out there these days. Hard Candy has now expanded from nail polish to all kinds of makeup – check it out HERE at Walmart.

Rite Aid installed a beautiful centerpiece in their stores called Nail Bar – this Nail Bar has several different brands of nail polish in one spot. You’ll find brands like OPI and Essie, as well as some of the common drugstore brands like Sally Hansen, L’Oreal and Revlon – Revlon, has an iconic red. Use a few colors to create simple patterns on your nails which is extremely trendy these days; simple designs that anyone can do such as a contrasting color you stripe down the middle of your fingernail or at an angle. The local nail salon charges high prices for design, but you can easily do this at home. Then practice and come up with your unique nail design!

Ask your kid(s) what their favorite color is. Then wear that color on your nails – it has meaning to me, and hopefully, you’ll feel the same!

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