I learn a lot from my sitter who is a Generation Z’er; actually I wouldn’t be able to get much done without her – she allows me a few key hours to help get everything checked off my weekly to do list while making sure my youngest son stays on track with his homework, eats on time and is cared for!  I am lucky enough to have her help twice a week for a few hours so that I don’t fall behind and she provides me with a lot of interesting knowledge on how Gen Z’ers think, which I would not otherwise know.

Recently I had a discussion with my sitter as to why her phone is always in the back pocket of her jeans versus using a  purse or bag.  I love my bags and take advantage of any opportunity to use them!  I have clutches, crossbody bags, belt bags, messenger bags, tote bags, etcetera and yes, I am a person that changes their bag frequently.  When I go out on a Saturday night you’ll see me with a small interesting, maybe vintage, handbag.  When I’m off to the gym it’s my tote bag.  When shopping it’s my crossbody – on a weekend getaway it’s my weekender – I love bags!

What’s a Mini Backpack?

But back to my sitter, her response was “why would I carry a purse when I can just put my phone in my back pocket?”.  To which I replied “what about all the other stuff you have to carry like money, lipstick, eyeliner, credit cards, school ID?”., she said “that’s what the other pockets in my jeans are for…….”,  so I had to ask…”don’t you want to carry a cute purse or some sort of trendy bag?” – and I just loved her response – she said “that’s what your generation does, we just put everything in our pockets or maybe, on certain occasions, we might carry a mini backpack”.  “What do you mean by mini backpack?” I asked, and my sitter explained they are these cute little backpacks about 8 or 9 inches high, and they have just enough space to fit your essentials.

This conversation prompted me to quickly go to the local mall and look around at the shoppers, it was true!  My sitter was right!  My generation, which would be Generation X, loves to carry a purse or bag, whereas the younger generation is carrying mini backpacks in all shapes and colors!  My next adventure was to hit Big 5 Sporting Goods so I could pick one out for myself.  I bought a mini Fila backpack with a very cute pouch attached and now I’m hooked! My sitter knew all along this is a much easier way to manage our important belongings, versus using my traditional tote bag.   I’m now hands free which is the best benefit!  As I went looking for different backpacks to recommend it was soon clear almost every designer makes a mini backpack – how could I not know about this little gem!?!  Let’s look at a few styles that will go with almost anything and will keep you within your budget – I even found a cute pink one for $19.99 – see far below:

My Fila Mini Backpack – lovin’ it for $24.99!:

Steve Madden Mini Backpack in a snake pattern which is one of my faves! – approximately $72.00

Marc Jacobs Mini Backpack in a beautiful midnight

Guess Mini Backpack in a simple black that I can easily wear with dresses – around $88.00

Huabor Mini Backpack on Amazon for $19.99!:

Target’s Hearth & Hand with Magnolia mini backpack for $24.99!

I, of course, will continue to love my bags!  But I just found an additional way to carry all of my essentials around with me especially on Saturdays while running errands – I’m in!

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