All through the COVID-19 shutdown my boys and I have spent time at home cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking at home, of course, reminded me how economical it can be to make meals from scratch and tap into my flour and sugar to create endless meals including desserts.  I have made so many different dishes that I haven’t made in years!

With more grocery money left in my pocket than ever before, this may be a new norm for me and I wanted to share one of the great economical ways to feed your family a wonderful breakfast with Bisquick!

A 40 oz box will run you about $4 plus you will need milk and eggs. In total, about $5 will make you 30 waffles or 35 pancakes. Or you can choose to make 20 delicious flaky biscuits with the same size box!  I use biscuits as not only the bread but also as a dessert with whipped cream and strawberries and voila, you have a strawberry shortcake!  I also wanted to add a small tip that Bisquick batter can also be used to coat chicken and make amazing chicken fingers – but that we will save for a different recipe.

Of course, you can add anything you like to pancakes … our favorite is blueberries. We also make delicious waffles with my Death Star waffle maker that I got from GameStop!

No matter how you make your pancakes, waffles, and biscuits, $5 is very economical for any family and friends to enjoy a delicious breakfast – that is also fun to make!

By Rosemaria Altieri

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