I was so pleased to walk into my local Ralph’s Supermarket here in Irvine and find potatoes!  And not just a few but several 5 and 10-pound bags of potatoes!  My first thought was “Oh how I’ve missed thee.”!

You see I love potatoes; I love them mashed, roasted, made into pancakes or gnocchi, I love them au gratin or in a potato salad!  But my most favorite way to eat potatoes is fried – as in French Fries!!  So the first thing I did when I got back from the market was to make French Fries because we literally have not had any for about 2 weeks now!  I should also mention my boys could live off French Fries!

Making French Fries is so simple – the secret to crispy fries is that you need to fry them twice!  Let me explain:

Step 1) Peel and cut the potato anyway you like – I use a mix of mostly wedge shape. Tip: For each person peel one potato, e.g., three family members = 3 potatoes!

Step 2) Fill a saucepan with vegetable oil up to about one inch high.  Olive oil will not be preferable when frying because it starts to smoke – use a vegetable or corn oil which withstand high heat better.  Now drop in the potatoes for about 10 minutes on medium heat.

Step 3) After 10 minutes remove the potatoes from the saucepan and let them cool on a paper towel or napkin for about 5 minutes – the paper towel (or napkin) will absorb excess oil – and may I say…better on the towel than on me!)

Step 4) Once cooled return the potatoes to the hot oil for another 10 minutes or until they are golden brown!

Step 5)  Then remove the potatoes and let cool on the paper towel or napkin again for 5 minutes.

Once cooled sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy! And thank you Ralph’s!

By Rosemaria Altieri

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