Hooray for the red, white, and blue! There is nothing like making your food festive to create holiday memories. This 4th of July, how about creating a snack board featuring patriotic recipes the whole family can make and enjoy together? From firecrackers and flags to everything red, white, and blue – these snacks will be both beautiful and delicious additions to your celebration.

You can read about how to create a 4th of July Snack Board here. Need some more ideas? How about this collection of beautiful Patriotic Charcuterie Boards to get the ideas flowing!

Firecracker Snacks

Firecrackers certainly bring Independence Day to mind! These fun firecracker snacks will be a favorite with adults and children alike.

  1. 4th of July Firecracker Dogs combine the American hot dog with 4th of July firecrackers. They’re simple to put together but will make a big impression with friends and family at your holiday BBQ. All you need are hot dogs, refrigerated breadstick dough, cheese, and skewers.
  2. 4th of July Firecracker Jell-O Cups feature fun and fruity Jell-O. These firecrackers will add a pop of color to your party! Red and blue Jell-O, whipped cream, cherries, and small clear cups are all you will need to make these gems.
  3. Firecracker Popcorn – this recipe will literally pop! Popcorn covered in candy melts and topped with red pop rocks and blue sprinkles is sure to be a favorite with the little ones!

American Flag Snacks

American flags are our most iconic symbol. Creating stars and stripes out of red, white, and blue foods with the family is fun and easy!

  1. American Flag Dipped Pretzels use pretzel rods dipped in red, white, and blue candy melts, decorated with white sprinkles for a beautiful treat. They also make a fun goodie to send home with each of your guests.
  2. Tacos may not be a symbol of America, but Americans do love tacos! With this Easy Taco Salad Flag recipe, design your own American flag featuring your family’s favorite taco toppings.
  3. This Easy Flag Fruit Dessert is a healthier alternative to cakes and pies but still has a deliciously sweet flavor! Add your favorite red, white, and blue fruits to create an edible flag everyone will want to dig into.

Red, White, and Blue Snacks

There are so many delicious and nutritious, colorful foods available in the summer months, the possibilities for patriotic colored snacks are endless!

  1. Strawberries are a summertime favorite, and adding a touch of patriotic sprinkles with this Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe will make them even more desirable.
  2. Add some of your favorite red and blue fruits to this family campfire favorite with this Red, White, and Blue Skillet S’mores recipe. A new 4th of July tradition, no campfire required!
  3. How can you go wrong with a fruit and cheese combo? Select your favorites to create these Red, White, and Blue Fruit and Cheese Skewers for your holiday celebration.

4th of July Desserts

What would your 4th of July board be without a few sweet snacks?

  1. We love these star-shaped 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats.
  2. Who doesn’t love a mini-dessert? Try these Mini Shortcake Cups – they’re sure to be a hit!
  3. Round everything out with this easy-to-make 4th of July Bark.

Creating a 4th of July snack board as a family is sure to produce many fun holiday memories. There are so many creative ways to combine patriotic-colored foods and traditional 4th of July symbols, so get started and have some fun!