Here’s how to avoid the crowds.

If you’re looking forward to seeing Disney’s new highly anticipated Lion King movie with its live action characters, good news. You can go without lining up, even on opening day, July 19, if you buy your advance tickets now from Fandango.

The ticket seller just put advance tickets on sale this morning at many of its theaters. With reserved seating, this means ticket-holders can avoid the typical lines for opening day and other times as well, slide into the theater with a ticket in hand, and into their comfy seats.

The Lion King Official Trailer BY WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

Fandango does charge a small fee to buy tickets, however they also kick you back $5 if you buy four tickets, so that can help. Sign up for the free VIP Club to get your $5 back.

Here’s the link to order the Disney’s Lion King opening day and advance tickets from Fandango.(Enter your zip code to see theaters near you)

As a tie-in to the upcoming movie, Disney California Adventure has been holding a series of special Lion King events this summer.