So many families have traditions that they follow every holiday but Christmas Eve traditions just seem a little bit more magical. My family has our traditions that make every Christmas better than the last!

As for a round-up of our day, usually, my husband and I usually work, but once we get home I immediately start cooking and he’ll get the kids in the shower and make sure they start getting ready for grandma’s house! I typically will make my famous Brussel sprouts and bacon, get those in the oven to finish them off, then I will begin to get ready for the night.

Our tradition for Christmas Eve is simple, we get ready, cook something yummy, pack the gifts, and head to my parent’s house. Once we get there the kids will normally run off with the others and my mom will hand me a glass of the cherry wine she gets every year. Once I get a drink in my hand, my husband and I will say our hellos and catch up with my family.

As the night goes on, we start to eat! My favorite time. Mom will bring out all of the fresh tamales and will make sure we all know how hard she worked. Then everyone will get their plates together and while they all sit, my mom and I grab the kids and remind them of the meaning of Christmas and welcome the lord into our home. This is something my brother and I used to do as kids and even though I used to think it was silly, my kids love it and know it’s the most important time of the night.

After we all have full tummies, the kids will usually start asking about the gifts. Now since we’re at grandmas and the kids rule here, we usually allow one gift to be opened by the kids and the rest will have to wait till Christmas morning. Santa still needs to deliver them right?!

Then, we will all serve ourselves some dessert. My favorites are still the homemade fudge and rice crispies that my grandma makes every Christmas for me. After we all have some sweets, we let the kids open their one Christmas Eve gift. Once they get to playing with whatever they opened they usually get tired just as it’s time to go. We say our goodbyes and all crawl into my bed and write notes for Santa to take with his cookies during the night. We write our notes, put the cookies and oat milk out, and get the kids into their beds.

My Christmas Eve traditions are small, but those are the things that make me the happiest during this time of the year and the things that I get to pass down to my children. It’s what makes Christmas special to us all and I love sharing with all of you!