I’m a tremendous advocate of women-owned businesses

If you recall, it wasn’t that long ago that women were not even allowed to vote in this country. So, as the old Virginia Slims, cigarette ads go, “we’ve come a long way, baby!”. Not only are we allowed to vote, but we are no longer serving coffee and taking dictation as I did back in the 80s when I was an Administrator. It was 1989, and I worked for a company that had 80 magazines, and out of those 80 magazines each magazine had a publisher, and out of those eighty publishers, only one was a female. Yep, at every meeting, the only females were me taking dictation and one female publisher.

As the years passed, things have definitely changed, and now we have a tremendous percentage of women-owned businesses. 

With that, I welcome you to the first monthly feature of women-owned businesses. Each month we will feature a female-owned business and give you some information and history on how the company came to be.

In bringing you a monthly feature, I hope to profile businesses and get that business exposure to help them be more successful. If you or someone you know has a woman-owned business, please reach out to me at raltieri@scng.com.

Sweet Life Flavor Co.

Sweet Life Flavor Co.

Our first featured business is Sweet Life Flavor Co. that was created by two sisters, Stefanie, and Lucienne from Southern California. Stefanie was working for a company that was moving out of California and knew she would not be able to relocate. Her company told her that she wouldn’t be able to make enough money to continue living in California. So, moving with the company would be in her best interest. That one comment was motivation for her to start her own business with her sister!

Their roots are in California, and they knew they wanted to start something together. A company where they could make a connection with people and help them on a journey to live a healthy lifestyle while being creative with different flavors. Since then, Stefanie and Lucienne have been combining flavors to come up with wonderful recipes that I’m delighted to share with you here! To top it off during the month of October Sweet Life Flavor Co will be donating 20% of their proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness!

Stefanie and Lucienne were kind enough to provide our readers with a 15% discount using the following code: SWEETLIFE15!

Healthy Creations with Sweet Life Flavor Co.

You can also use Sweet Life Flavor Co. ingredients for recipes on the healthier side of the menu.

Just in time for National Cooking Day! Kind Keto Mama is well known for converting everyday meals, drinks, and desserts into sugar-free, mostly grain-free, keto-friendly dishes. Take a tour of her website where she uses Sweet Life Flavor Co. ingredients to create a delicious Low Carb Chili and Cornbread Skillet!