Mom, wife, and OWNER!

Selina Cohen is a mom to 5 kids, a wonderful wife to her husband, and not to mention this tatted-up Boss Mom is the owner and master artist at Inkd Beauty Studio. Selina loved make-up from a young age, using it to create looks since she was fifteen years old. Her love for make-up inspired her to go to school to become an aesthetician. Upon becoming an aesthetician Selina discovered microblading and other types of permanent make-up, she was fascinated with the process and skill and decided that was what she wanted to pursue as her career.

Blended Family

Selina and her husband both had two children from previous marriages and one child together making it a total of five. Four teenagers and a six-year-old, who acts more like a mini teen, this family has spunk! Selina and her husband have been married for nine years and been together for thirteen, making the kids toddlers when they started their life together. Not only did it make for some eventful times but the kids were able to grow up together and now most wouldn’t even be able to tell that they were step-siblings. Family is always the most important thing to her and her husband, and with a big family, they make sure everyone makes time to support each other. Whether it be a game or school recital this family has their priorities in check!

Balance is key!

Being a Boss Mom and having a husband who also has his own business, balance can sometimes be interrupted, but the beauty of being an owner allowers her to prioritize time with the kids and to do things that she wouldn’t normally have had time for. It’s important for her to set aside specific hours and days that she works so that she has time for the kids, making them the priority. A normal day in her life is getting her youngest up and ready for school, once the kids are at school she has time to go back home, enjoy a cup of tea alone before making her way to work. After a long day of clients, Selina picks up her youngest from school, gets home to prepare dinner, then gets ready to get the kids to their extracurriculars. Because her husband is in a similar work situation they are able to come together after work to spend time with each other, care for the kids, and even try to fit in a date night here and there. Even if date nights fall through, they are always counting down the minutes till they can be together with each other and the family.

Getting back into the workforce

Selina is a family first type of gal and chose to wait until all of her kids were in school before entering back into the workforce. Being a stay at home mom, Selina missed not contributing to the family income but knew that she would eventually be back even if she didn’t know that being an owner was in store for her. There was a lot of guilt that came with explaining to her kids that she was going back to school, as every mom would feel but the example that she set for her kids meant more to her. Selina is a woman who knows what she wants and what meant the most to her was that the kids were lead by example. Being a woman who went from primarily taking care of the kids, to going back to school, to owning her own business, and all with the support from her husband, Selina truly set the example that hard work and dedication pays off. Her passion for her kids and family really shines through her journey, this mentality streamed from both her and her husband and encourages them to teach their children the importance of being successful and happy.

Her Passion

Selina is a woman who followed her dreams and knows how to put her family first. With both family and her business being her passions, there is no doubt she will grow her empire! To start off, she and her husband aim to get all of their children in college along with preparing them with tools they will need for all of life’s ups and downs. While being a role model for her kids, Selina has also found empowerment in bringing confidence to her clients. She has the ability to help women who have suffered their own struggles and help them get their power back. Making people feel beautiful and confident only adds to perks.

On top of making her kids the number one priority, Selina has big plans for Inkd Beauty. Her goal is to begin creating her own aftercare products for her clients with the help and knowledge from taking an interest and involvement in the scientific side of permanent make-up. Being so goal-oriented and family driven makes Selina a true Boss Mom, because of the great business that she has created and also for the great family she and her husband have created.