Beauty Guru gals know how to make the best of any situation. During the winter days, they take advantage of the shorter periods of daylight and turn that negative into a positive for their skin of course. They are mindful that the ambient air is colder and drier and pre-emptively take action to prevent redness, chaffing, scaling, and peeling. You too can emerge from this winter looking like a spring flower if you are disciplined about your routine and implement some of the following steps to ensure a dewy radiance.

Prevent Dehydration

This is the most important wintertime principle, and the easiest to practice. Here are some simple at-home steps:

Switch to a gentler moisturizer, I like Eminence Organics Mangosteen Resurfacing Cleanser, and SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser. Both are gentle enough to be used every day. In the winter wash your face with warm, not hot water, gently blot dry and immediately apply your antioxidant to protect from environmental stressors and to lock in the moisture. I recommend SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic to provide you the moisture lock, it has humectant properties enhanced by the benefit of their excellent quality Vitamin C. Next, place a very small amount of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on your lips and feather a very small amount under your eyes up to the brow bone. Wait 10 minutes then add your daytime moisturizer, I like NeoCutis MicroSerum or BioSerum which has both peptides and growth factors in it. Follow by Applying sunscreen over as your final step.


Exercise & saunas get your heart rate up, they are vasodilators, promoting neo-vascularization and helps you to sweat and flush toxins.


While you sleep use a humidifier whenever possible to increase the moisture level in the air. Your respiratory tract and your integumentary system both benefit. Take your nighttime supplements one hour before bedtime and drink a glass of room temp water. Beauty gurus don’t ever smoke and by minimizing alcohol, sugar, and salt whenever possible they prevent dehydration and promote excellent sleep quality.

Sleep Hygiene

Practice clean sleep habits, eliminate light, emf, wifi, clocking in 8 hours of sleep is the goal. Nourish your skin while you sleep inside and out. Take supplements such as calcium, magnesium, vitamins D, K, & probiotics. Topically use a microRetinA such as Tazorac, a growth factor-like Tensage40 help in cell turnover, inhibit collagen degradation, and promote collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid levels. This is when you experience your greatest cellular regeneration, so don’t miss the opportunity to maximally restore yourself each night.

Utilizing a sleep tracking system, Oura ring is a tool you can utilize for a while to understand what your sleep pattern is. Making sure you get enough time in REM and deep sleep and being able to visualize when it is broken can be valuable to know. For instance, if the sprinklers coming on at 2 am is coinciding with your cyclical shift and disrupting, you can change it to turn on at 5 am when you need to get up for work and so forth.

Tress Don’t stress

Holiday stress compounded by the colder drier air can negatively impact your hair as well. If you are noticing thinning and more brittle hair, take action to correct it right away. Hair growth cycles are slow, so you need to be proactive to protect, restore, and rejuvenate. Using Rogaine for women daily is imperative; also, some things to help are injecting PRP into the scalp, using red light therapy, and a weekly mask to protect and hydrate. My favorite is Gloss Moderne LUXE MASQUE, it is vegan, sulfate-free, and the smells transport you to a tropical place and makes your hair look and feel better than it ever has. Finally, Red Light Therapy stimulates the circulation and follicles to promote hair growth; especially with a combination of the above, you will see improvements quickly as it targets various pathways as opposed to mono-therapy in isolation.

Questions about what is right for you? Feel free to DM me on IG @J_Derme and my staff or I
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Wishing you the most radiant version of yourself this holiday season.

Author Bio: Heidi Lindner has been an aesthetics expert for over 17 years specializing in all aspects of non-surgical aesthetics and plastic surgery. She is sought out for her techniques that focus on a natural-looking approach to facial balancing, restoration, and beauty optimization. Follow her on Instagram @j_derme