The kids might have been a little bored between watching movies and online classes in the last year. But there are so many fun activities to do at home that don’t involve a screen. If you’re looking for new ideas for activities, projects, or crafts to do with your kids – look no further. 

Here are some creative ideas for DIY projects to do with the kids. 

How To Build a Sheet Fort

Making the perfect sheet is a lot easier said than done. But with this quick video to give you a step by step guide, your fort will be built like a castle. Design your fortress with engineering precision and entertain the kids with games, stories, and imaginative fun. 

Build a fort with this helpful video from SciShow Kids

Kids room designing from papers

How do you turn a simple room into a work of art? Some construction paper, scissors, and strings to turn a wall into a colorful masterpiece are all you need. Cut out simple designs and make your kid’s bedrooms into an imaginative wonderland. 

Make your kid’s bedroom walls colorful with this video from Creative Mom DIY, Art & Crafts

Cute two-minute snacks for kids

No matter what you’re eating, make it fun. A two-minute snack can become lunch with cute critters and delectable designs. When mom said, “don’t play with your food,” she didn’t know it would be this fun. 

See these cute snack ideas from 5-minute Crafts PLAY.

Cool DIY toys for children 

Every toy can be fun, but how many did you and your kids make on your own? Now is the time to use your imagination to create new toys that can be your friends forever. If you need ideas, check out this awesome video. Just make sure you’re there to help! 

Design your toys with the help of this video from 5-Minute Crafts PLAY.

10 Easy Painting Ideas for Kids

Who knows if your child is the next great artist of our time unless you put a paintbrush in their hand? Set up a tarp, and bring out the paints. If your child is learning to do their first work of art, this simple video is a great way to start their new hobby. 

Get artistic with these beginner painting ideas from Little Crafties.