Sleep is very important to me, so when Daylight Savings Time comes around I get in a mood just thinking about losing one hour of sleep. March 8, the dreaded day for many of us as we think “Not again.” After we mourn the loss of our one hour of sleep, Daylight Savings is not as bad as it seems. 

Here are 5 ways to take advantage of Daylight Savings Time: 

1. You have time to run errands longer.

As soon as the sun goes down, many of us just want to go home, but if you have to finish up errands, Daylight Savings Time is just for you. Daylight savings actually can make the roads safer. A study showed that a full year of daylight savings time could decrease motor vehicle fatalities by 3%.  During daylight savings, you don’t have to worry as much about an accident because driving during the day makes it easier to see and less accident-prone. This is perfect if you bring along your kids to do grocery shopping or go to the bank.

2. You have more time to get Vitamin D.

We get Vitamin D from exposure to the sun. With daylight savings, we have more time to get our daily dose of Vitamin D. One of the many benefits of Vitamin D is that it can reduce depression, which is especially important for those who suffer from seasonal depression during the winter. Increased sunlight during the spring will help you be happier and enjoy the extra hour of daylight. 

3.  You can spend more time outdoors and enjoy doing what you love.

Spending time outdoors can be hard during the winter. If you have a 9 a.m to 5 p.m job, by the time you get out of work it is already dark, which means less time outside. With daylight savings, you have time for hobbies, whether it’s photography, gardening, or sports. If spending time with your kids is your priority, you will be able to play catch, go to a park, go on the swings, or do some fun sidewalk chalk art, which is harder to do when it gets darker sooner. 

4.  You can rely less on indoor lighting.

With more sunlight, we can open our curtains and enjoy the sun’s natural lighting. By doing this, we can lessen our reliance on indoor lighting, which can be hard with all the technology and artificial light that we are exposed to every day. It is important for us to be exposed to more natural light even if we are staying indoors. 

5. You can work on your fitness. 

Exercising can be easier and more fun when done outdoors. Daylight savings allows us to be outdoors for a longer period of time and increase exercise. The extra sunlight is perfect for a post-work hike, a sunset beach volleyball game, park yoga, an afternoon surf session, and other fun outdoor activities, such as a family bike ride. Afternoon daylight lowers the risk of pedestrians being hit by a car, according to the study, which makes it safer for people who enjoy going on walks with pets around the neighborhood, people who enjoy jogging as their form of exercise, and children who like to play in the front yard. 

So after your biological clock gets used to the new time, make sure to take advantage of what an extra hour of sunlight can bring to you and your family.